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Our family office focus is finding early stage companies with great combinations of disruptive tech/IP, compelling TAM, unit economics & MVP, proven entrepreneurs, and a sound path to profitably scale.  Anywhere in the world.  Autotech, fintech, retailtech, medtech, digital logistics, and mfg tech.



Richard D Spitzer, Managing Partner


Richard D Spitzer

Founder & Managing Partner

Global track record of working with top Global 2000 companies, leading venture capital firms, and former Global Managing Partner for Accenture Automotive and Industrials Group.  

Academically, has a BS Mechanical Engineering with honors, U of Mississippi, and Masters of Business Administration (Finance) with honors, Southern Methodist University.

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Venture Portfolio


Began publicly trading on Nasdaq as LPRO on June 11, 2020


Market leading companies rely on Voltaiq's EBI - including automotive, consumer electronics, grid-scale energy storage, medical devices, and the battery cells makers themselves.


Turn your camera into the ultimate vehicle inspector


Roadside Assistance Reinvented


FUSE replaces multiple internal and external dealership systems to streamline automotive financing.


The world’s first high strength, rare earth free permanent magnet.


Acquired by on-demand transit provider Via on March 10, 2021, for $100M

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